Whats Happening

So the answer to that is not a lot!

We had amazing Summer at the Torbay Velopark with our Veloskate. We had so much fun every week. Somehow the rain stopped between 6pm and 8pm every Friday and we never had to cancel a session. We had skaters, scooter riders, electric unicycles, hoverboards, longboards and various other wheeled devices. except Bikes ( Cyclists have plenty of opportunities to use the Velopark)

What struck us this year was the real sense of community, everyone one was welcomed not only by our amazing team but by everyone, Skaters helping skaters, friends being made week after week. The Velopark will return in April 2022.

We are now working hard behind the scenes to find a venue so we can get back to the Roller Disco's, we are really hoping to have some news soon, this is the longest we've been without a roller disco in the 7 years we've been running. So please stick with us and we will see you soon.