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For YOUR Safety We have some guidelines to help YOU SKATE SAFE!


Please DO NOT drink whilst skating on any of the designated skating areas. Spilt drinks can cause skaters to fall over.  If you do spill a drink, please notify a member of our staff IMMEDIATELY so that they can ensure the spillage is cleared up.

Protective padding sets consisting of: wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads and are available, FREE, from skate hire. We strongly recommend that all our clients wear them.

In order to avoid the risk of accidental injury, please DO NOT stand in groups around the designated skating areas or sit down in any of them. Roller Disco's can get extremely busy and have skaters moving around its rooms at a reasonable pace - fast moving skaters cannot always avoid you! Stationery people or dangling legs cannot always be avoided either. Please help us to help you to have a safe and enjoyable time by complying with these requests.

Please OBSERVE the skate direction. In all skating venues it is anti-clockwise. The skating direction is reversed by our d.j.s on a regular basis. Please skate in the same direction as the other skaters – failure do so can cause serious injury to yourself and to others. If joining a skating area, please wait for a space, then join the ‘flow’ of skaters around you. Cutting straight across the flow of moving skaters or skating in the wrong direction can cause unnecessary accidents and injuries.

Please DO NOT enter skating areas with your shoes on. People on foot move twice as slowly as people on skates and are considerably shorter. They cannot be seen too well by skaters skating backwards either. For your own safety and the safety of others, when in skating areas, please keep your skates on.

For the CONSIDERATION of skaters who may be new to our venue - please keep your speed down whilst skating around the floor.

To ensure your safety and enjoyment, we have skate marshalls who wear high visibility vests. Collisions and accidents do occasionally occur. Our skate marshals are on hand to ensure any fallen skaters are helped up quickly, so as not to cause congestion to the flow of skaters moving around. Please be observant whilst skating, especially if someone has fallen over.

If you are new to skating, our Marshalls will be pleased to assist you until you feel confident enough to skate on your own. If new to skating, please try to keep your arms down - flailing arms can cause serious injuries to other skaters and cause you to overbalance severely.

If you have caused a collision, manners cost nothing. Leave any attitude outside the door – even our most illustrious skaters are not immune to falling over from time-to-time. A smile, an apology and a helping hand up will work wonders and help us to keep Roller Disco with  Revolution Skate a friendly and welcoming skating venue that is safe for everyone to skate in.




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